What is the hidden cost of homeownership?

Purchasing a home is one of the most significant investments you will make in your lifetime. While the initial cost of a property is the most substantial part, it is also crucial to consider the expected – and unexpected – costs of homeownership. It’s crucial to be aware of the hidden costs of house ownership, which might range from upkeep and utilities to insurance and emergency expenses.


Take a look at some of the costs of owning a home that you may not be aware of.


taxesTaxes on real estate

The assessed value of your home determines your property taxes. They are due at a specific time each year and can be added to your monthly mortgage payment, allowing your lender to pay them for you.


Costs of Upkeep

A home requires ongoing care and maintenance. It will all cost you time and money, whether it’s for tiny improvements or routine maintenance. Re-shingling or replacing windows and doors may not be necessary on a regular basis, but it’s vital to keep track of the major maintenance jobs so you don’t get caught off guard when they need to be repaired or replaced.


utility billsCosts of Utility

Utility expenditures encompass more than simply hydro and gas; they might also include charges you pay locally, such as water and sewage, that aren’t covered by your property taxes.


Homeowners Insurance

You must have insurance as a homeowner. Premiums are determined by a variety of variables, including the property’s age and value, location, claim history, contents, proximity to a firehall and fire hydrants, and special features.

To acquire a quotation on the home you’re interested in, contact a local insurance broker in our region.


appliance repairExpenses in an Emergency

Emergencies are unavoidable, therefore having some funds set aside to help pay these expenditures in the event of an emergency is advised. It’s also a good idea to keep this in mind when looking for a property, as an older home may require more maintenance than new construction.

Roof repairs, tree removal, bathroom sink or toilet repairs, appliance replacement, and HVAC repairs are just a few of the emergency repairs you should expect.


Strata/Condominium Fees 

You will be expected to pay monthly fees for the upkeep of the property/building if you acquire a home or condo in a strata. Garbage pickup, snow removal, landscaping, and regular maintenance are generally included in these fees, which are farmed out by the strata corporation each year.


These considerations should not deter you from homeownership. As responsible realtors, we like clients to be well informed when choosing a home as well as have an idea of what costs will be involved. Some might come immediately and some will be things to plan for in the future to maintain the upkeep of the property. It is wise to be aware of the costs beyond the sticker price so you can accurately estimate your monthly expenses and future projects too.


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