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Staging Your Home During The Holidays

Selling your home during the holiday season can add a little extra stress. You are busy working through your shopping list, hosting holiday get togethers, and attending parties. You also want to bring out all of your decorations for the season but aren’t quite sure how to present your home. Use these tips to help you stage your home during the holiday season.

Take Photos Before You Decorate

If you are listing during the holidays we would recommend taking your listing photos before you bring out all your holiday decor. This allows potential buyers to see what your space looks like on any given day. It also allows them to envision what their holiday decor may look like in the space.

Keep It Simple

When you start to decorate your home remember to keep it simple. Keeping it simple will make your home seem less cluttered and it also allows potential buyers to envision their own holiday decor in the space. You also want to keep in mind that not everyone celebrates the same holidays. Keeping things simpler will allow your home to be viewed as festive and inviting.

Remove Personal Items

We know that your holiday photos are always a hit at parties but when staging your home we recommend tucking them away. The homemade ornaments and wreaths, while beautiful, should be kept to a minimum. We want potential buyers to envision their personal items in the space. We want them to picture their photos on the mantle and their children’s homemade wreaths and trees on the fridge. 

Limit Outdoor Decor

Don’t forget about the outside of your home. Colourful holiday lights and inflatables are a joy for children and add a little magic to your home but not every buyer will appreciate them. When decorating the outside of your home keep the lighting simple by using classic white or LED bulbs and string lights. This dresses up your home for the holidays but also keeps it sophisticated and classy. You can also add a holiday themed doormat to welcome potential buyers into your home.

Just remember to keep your holiday decorations as simple as possible and once your home is sold you are welcome to add in those personal items to help make the holidays feel a little extra special. 

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