Is it necessary to hire a local realtor?

The real estate business, like most others, is rapidly changing. The amount of public information is continuously growing, and technology is altering the old real estate paradigm. Buyers and sellers have many options, but none of them can replace the expertise of a knowledgeable local realtor.

With all that information, who needs an agent? You can figure it out by watching YouTube videos. Everything you’ll ever need to know about marketing, preparing, listing, and buying a home is readily available. The forms are also available online. Isn’t there some kind of app for that? It’s all fairly basic, right? Any amateur could do it?

Not exactly… and it’s not that simple.  Although the traditional real estate market is rapidly evolving, realtors continue to play an important role in the process. Purchasing and selling real estate is a time-consuming and complicated transaction. If you don’t have the correct person to guide you through it, a lot can go wrong. Whether you’re looking to purchase or sell, the first step should be to contact a local real estate agent.

The Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Local Realtor

  1. We know the market

The most obvious point is that they are familiar with the town or city you are looking to make a purchase. A local realtor will be familiar with the local businesses as well as the schools. They’ll know where to find the greatest parks and unique hangout spots for the locals. Not only will a local realtor be able to tell you about the best cycling and jogging trails in the area, but they will also know the people in the area and have an intimate awareness of the particular nuances that you won’t find online.

If you’re selling your home, a local realtor can help you sell your lifestyle as well. Your home may have already been sold twice or three times by a local agent. They are aware of the accessibility to amenities and have the knowledge and experience to respond to any inquiry posed by a buyer. A local realtor can advertise your home to the appropriate buyer demographic, whether it’s first-time buyers, families with children, or downsizers.

  1. We care about the community

Maybe you have a cousin who lives on the other side of town and recently started working in real estate; you know he’d be thrilled to come to your neighbourhood and assist you with your purchase or sale. Perhaps you’re considering phoning the person your mother really wants you to call in order to hire her friend’s daughter. They may both be excellent realtors, but you will never see them in your neighbourhood. They won’t be found at events, like the Blues and Jazz Festival, or walking the trails like Island Lake. When you’re dropping your kids off at dancing or cheering for the lacrosse team, you’ll never see them.

Your local real estate agent is also your next-door neighbour. They put money into the community in order to make it a better place for everyone. Your neighbourhood realtor is probably a big supporter of everything local, including hospitals, sports teams, social events and festivals. Your neighbourhood realtor is an important part of what makes your neighbourhood great. As a result, your local realtor has a strong motivation to offer you the greatest service possible and to achieve the best possible result for your real estate transaction. Your mother’s friend’s child and cousin may be good at what they do but if they don’t live in the area they are not invested in the community and all it has to offer.

  1. We are connected to local service providers

If you’ve ever gone through the purchasing or selling process, you know how frequently things go wrong and how quickly you need a professional’s help. Real estate transactions are time-sensitive, with everything from landscaping to legal advice falling under tight deadlines. Mortgage experts, appraisers, interior designers, stagers, electricians, plumbers, home inspectors, and insurance agents are all needed. A knowledgeable, local realtor will have spent a significant amount of time cultivating excellent relationships with reputable professionals. They’ll have all the connections you’ll ever need both throughout and after the process.

  1. We make the process less stressful.

A knowledgeable local realtor understands the value. They’ve personally seen comparable properties and have a great plan for pricing your house competitively so it sells for the maximum money. If you price your property too low, you risk losing tens of thousands of dollars; if you price it too high, you risk losing interested qualified purchasers as it sits on the market for months. The worst-case situation is when an agent undervalues a property, then rejects offers and hikes the price. By squandering their colleagues’ time and aggravating buyers, they are losing face, respect, and reputation.

On the buyer’s side, the local realtor’s experience can go a long way toward assisting a buyer in determining what the best offer is, as well as how strong the other offers may be in a competitive offer scenario. Your local, knowledgeable realtor will have the connections and inside knowledge to know if a similar house is going to market in the next week or if an investor has purchased surrounding properties to develop. Your local realtor will be familiar with the ins and outs of many of the players and will be confident in negotiating the best deal for you.

The Gould Team all live and work in Dufferin County. We have been involved with many community organizations, businesses and support several of the amazing local events. It is a pleasure to work within such an incredible area and help our clients immerse themselves in everything Dufferin County has to offer. We feel strongly about assisting our clients and we all work hard to keep on top of current events and points of interest within our community.

If you are looking to buy or sell in the Dufferin County area, The Gould Team would love to help. Contact us at 519.217.SOLD or visit our listings on our listings page.

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