Renovations That Pay Off on the Resale Market

Most homeowners have a long wishlist of things they’d like to do to their property – perhaps put in a new deck, or get rid of the original popcorn ceiling, or put new tiles in the bathroom. But because renovations can be costly and time consuming, it’s important to know which home improvements are actually worth doing and which don’t have much of an impact if you’re planning to sell.

Some renovations even have a low return-on-investment, and there’s no point putting a ton of money into things that won’t raise the value of your property. So let’s take a closer look at which renovations pay off when you’re preparing your home for the resale market.



The kitchen is one of the most valuable rooms in the house, and one that really shows its age quickly. Things like old appliances, outdated cabinets and a dingy backsplash are things that instantly make your home look dated. By putting up the cost of the new kitchen, you’re definitely raising the resale value of your home.


Master Bathroom

Like the kitchen, your master bath is also a high-value room that can benefit from updates. Many potential buyers don’t want to put up the money to update an old bathroom themselves. Installing a new shower or bathtub and updating countertops and sinks will make your bathroom beautiful.



With so many flooring options available, putting down a new floor has never been more affordable. This is one of those cosmetic changes that has a big impact. If you’ve got old, stained carpets or damaged floors, now is the time to rip it up and put down something more eye pleasing and modern.



Always hailed as one of the cheapest and most high impact improvements, a fresh coat of paint throughout your interior makes your home look bright and clean. You don’t have to go all white or ‘builder bland’; instead opt for light greys, off whites or creams, and avoid statement colours that potential buyers may not like.


Exterior Doors

If you’ve got an out-of-style front door and a banged up garage door that’s 25 years old, installing new ones give an easy and affordable facelift to your house’s exterior. You could also consider painting your doors if replacing them is out of your budget.


Light Fixtures

Add some modern light fixtures in your dining and living room or remove old, outdated or unstylish fixtures. Make sure your kitchen is bright and airy. Good lighting actually makes your home look bigger, which is always a good thing.


Another thing to consider is doing maintenance on important features rather than replacing entirely. You can get the siding of your home professionally pressure washed to remove mold and dirt. Hire a professional landscaper to tidy up your garden or put down sod if your grass is in bad shape. Make sure the furnace is working properly, and fix anything that’s broken or leaking. Buyers typically expect to do some work or upgrades, but these simple steps can help increase the resale value of your home.