10 Reasons to Move to Orangeville

Thinking of moving to a town like Orangeville but not sure if it’s the right choice for you? Come spend some time in our friendly community and you’ll quickly see all of the great things it has to offer. Whether you’re single and looking for a condo, a young family dreaming about a big house with a garden and a pool, or retiring and downsizing, Orangeville welcomes all people. Still not convinced you should put down roots here? Then read these 10 Reasons Why You Should Move to Orangeville:


downtown orangeville1) Safety: Orangeville is very safe, so safe that the newspapers don’t really have a lot of news. You won’t get front page stories about shootings and stabbings. Here the news is pretty tame. It’s a slower pace of life. You don’t have to look over your shoulder late at night or think about whether you’re in a ‘bad area’. You can just relax and enjoy normal day to day life.


2) Friendly People: Big city life tends to be anonymous. But when you live in a small town, people are more friendly and laid back because you see each other all the time. In Orangeville even strangers greet each other with hellos and smiles. If you’re stuck in the snow, you can bet someone will come help you out. It’s easy to get to know your neighbours and you’ll feel like you’re really part of the community.


northmen lacrosse3) Great for Families: Orangeville is a wonderful place to raise your kids. Pack those lunch kits and wave goodbye as they happily walk to school with their friends. In the winter they’ll have a ball playing in the snow and sledding on the hills. Kids (and adults) can join whatever they are interested in – soccer, tennis, hockey, lacrosse, horseback riding, gymnastics, bowling, pottery, kickboxing, karate, dance, singing… the list goes on. For a small town, Orangeville has pretty much everything a growing family is looking for.


4) Big Town Amenities:  The town has invested a lot in its amenities and services. There are two lovely libraries (though the nicer one is on Broadway), two recreation centres, indoor and outdoor ice rinks, two public swimming pools, and more than 30 parks with things like splash pads, playgrounds, dog parks, a BMX park, skateboarding, soccer and baseball. Orangeville is also home to the Headwaters Hospital, which is a hub for Dufferin County.


5) Choice of Schools: Orangeville has a long list of public elementary schools, Catholic schools, French Immersion schools, private schools, and even forest schools. Many elementary schools offer YMCA before and after school services. There are also private nurseries, Montessori schools and baby playgroups like the EarlyON. Orangeville has two high schools – Westside and Orangeville District Secondary.


6) Easy Access to Other Towns: Forget hours driving in rage-inducing traffic. If you work in the GTA, Orangeville is in a great location for commuting to nearby towns like Brampton, Mississauga, Bolton, Vaughan, Guelph and Kitchener. It’s also one hour north to Georgian Bay, including Collingwood, the Blue Mountains and Wasaga Beach. Orangeville’s location makes it easy to go on day trips and getaways without all the traffic of getting in and out of the city.


ice fishing orangeville7) Outdoor Lifestyle: There’s no shortage of amazing outdoor activities to enjoy. Island Lake is right in your backyard, offering hiking, biking, kayaking and fishing. You’re spoilt for choice if you like golf, with more than a dozen affordable courses nearby, some just ten minutes away. You can explore the Bruce Trail along with lots of gorgeous conservation areas. In the winter you can ski and snowboard at Hockley Valley or hit the cross country trails at Monora Park. Orangeville is a great place to live a healthy and active lifestyle.


orangeville farmers market8) Fun Events: We might be a small town but we put on some big events! The most famous is the annual Blues and Jazz Festival which attracts dozens of top artists, bands and performers from all over Canada. People also love Ribfest, the Taste of Orangeville food festival, the Celebrate Your Awesome pride and diversity day, Boo on Broadway, and Christmas in the Park. Don’t miss the weekly Farmers’ Market, outdoor in the summer and indoor in the winters. We also have an active live music scene with local bands performing at pubs and bars.


orangeville restaurants9) Great Restaurants: What are you craving today? Thai? Indian? Sushi? Italian? Jerk? Portuguese? Organic vegan or good old comfort food at the diner? Orangeville has an impressive array of restaurants and cafes. You can go out for fine dining, enjoy wine tasting while overlooking a vineyard, or park yourself at your favourite pub for a pint. There are excellent cafes, coffee shops and bakeries, an authentic speakeasy hidden under an old train station, and local breweries too.


theatre orangeville opera houseArty Farty: Orangeville is really big on the arts, especially on its historic downtown strip Broadway. You can’t miss the iconic dome of the old opera house that’s now home to Theatre Orangeville, with an amazing calendar of shows year round. Take time to peruse the local galleries and watch artists at work at Dragonfly Arts, Maggiolly, and the nearby Alton Mill Arts Centre. Get involved, take a class, try something new!


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