7 Tips to Make Moving with Kids Easier

Let’s face it, moving is hard for everyone. Big moves bring up all sorts of feelings, from stress to uncertainty, and excitement. Whether you are moving within your current area or relocating to Dufferin County there is still a lot of work involved for every member of the family. Luckily, there are a few actions you can take before the big day to make moving with kids easier on them – and you.

Tips for moving with kids:

  1. Little People, Big Dreams

You may be hoping to stay in the same neighbourhood or move right across the country, inviting your kids into the house-selection process from the get-go can help. Ask them what they’d like in a new home and see if you can reach a consensus — a bigger backyard would be a win for everyone!

  1. Real Estate Stakeholders

If your kids are old enough to look at prospective homes with you, why not bring them along? Hearing their opinion on a property makes them feel involved and listened to. They may even think of something that you didn’t, like how the proximity to the Island Lake. This conservation area has year-round for the whole family to experience, including concerts, kayaking and ice skating to name a few.

  1. Memory Lane

Making a memory book filled with photos and doodads of the good times shared in your old home can help your kids find closure while still having something of the house to literally hold onto. Get friends and neighbours to sign the book along with their email addresses so everyone can keep in touch.

  1. Local Haunts

Before moving day arrives on the calendar, pencil in a farewell tour of all their favourite neighbourhood spots. Be warned: Seeing and saying goodbye to landmarks on your street may bring up all the feels…and not just theirs. Leaving a beloved home is hard but remind them (and yourself) that those precious memories go with them no matter where they are.

Investigate some new family spots all over Dufferin County. Check out Bowling on Broadway, Pottery in the Hills, Jungle Oasis, the Farmers Market to name a few and of course some of the fantastic restaurants that will surely become a new family tradition. Our team has many suggestions for family-oriented activities and dining spots in Dufferin County.

  1. Party Favours

Having a chance to say a proper goodbye to the people that have been a big part of their lives — neighbours, babysitters and coaches — is an important part of the emotional process of moving. (And when you get into your new digs, get out there and introduce yourself to new neighbours right away.)

  1. Treasure Trove

Packing up the kids’ rooms has the potential to be a less-than-peaceful process. Inject some fun into the functionality by getting them to create their own “Treasure Chest.” Pull out a packing box they can decorate with special markers and stickers and then fill with their favourite objects to keep close to them on the journey.

  1. Interior Design Team

Sometimes it may feel like the adults are making all the decisions (we are, sorry) and things are out of control. Getting the kids involved in picking out new furnishing and bedding for their room allows them to feel a sense of ownership of the new space. (Plus, that Star Wars duvet cover is super cool no matter how old you are.)

Uprooting can be hard on the littlest member of the family but having a handle on what can help will make that move go smoothly and you’ll all be settled in in no time.

The Gould Team is here to assist you to make this as easy a transition as possible. We are extremely knowledgeable about our community and can offer suggestions to help you all become a part of our incredible community. We love seeing families settle into a new house and turning it into their home.

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