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5 Ways to Help Make Moving With Kids Easier

There is no denying it, moving can be hard and it can be especially difficult on children. Moving can stir up all sorts of big emotions, the fear of leaving their school, the sadness of leaving behind their room and friends, but there are things you can do to make the idea of moving a little more appealing to your littlest family members. 


Introduce The Idea

If your family is thinking of making a move, whether big or small, introduce the idea of moving to your kids early on in the process. This will help them to prepare for the move, give them a chance to get used to the idea of moving, allow them to ask any questions they may have, and give them a chance to have their concerns heard early in the process.


Host a Showing (Virtually)

Kids love to be a part of the decision making process so why not take them along on house showings? We know that right now showings are limited to two people but that doesn’t mean the kids can’t be involved. Set up a mock house showing for the kids, bring their favourite snacks and show the kids the virtual tour of the home or the photos from the website. Take your time going through the photos and virtual tour to allow the kids to envision themselves in the home. Point out spaces in the home like the bedrooms, the kitchen, and the backyard and show the kids how exciting these new spaces can be. 


Create a Memory Keepsake

Creating a special memory scrapbook or small box filled with photos from the current home is a great way to ease the transition of moving. With this scrapbook or memory box children are able to look back on the fun times they had in their previous home, which will allow them to feel like they are bringing a piece of that home with them to their new house.


Have a Goodbye Party

It’s important to allow your kids to say goodbye to their current house and neighbourhood. Throwing a small goodbye party gives them the chance to have fun and say goodbye to the home and the people who have lived beside them. 


Allow Them To Design Their Space

Get the kids involved in designing their own room. Giving them a little independence to choose their own furniture or paint colour shows them that this is their space too and it makes them excited for the moving process. Giving your kids just a little bit of creative freedom can help make the move a little easier on them, plus you are giving them a chance to create a space they feel comfortable in.


Moving can be stressful, especially on kids, but with a little conversation and involvement kids can transition to a new house pretty well. Take a moment and chat with your kids, share your favourite memories about your house and show them all the fun things you can do in your new house. This will help make moving a little less scary.

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